About us

The Founder Story

The Hangover is a great movie, but a terrible feeling.

I’ve shared the experience that many of us have had after a long night of drinking. You never expect the next day to make you late for work, miss a workout, or have an assignment deadline sneak up on you.

…until it does

Why I Created LiQure:

Throughout college, I was always avid into fitness and academics. 

Now you might be wondering “how does alcohol play into those interests?” 🧐

Great question - it impacted both severely. One night out for a memorable experience with friends would turn into late submissions and lower strength. This led me to wonder to myself “is there a way to prevent myself from feeling this way?”

Obviously, the best solution is to just not drink; HOWEVER, that’s how a lot of people responsibly unwind on their weekends, even if the consequences hit them like a truck in the morning. I wanted to create a product that was easy to access and effective for making my mornings more productive. Even if I still wasn’t 100%, I wanted to be able to get up and accomplish my goals without feeling miserable.

Mother Knows Best

Fortunately (well, not really), my lovely mother also struggled with how she felt even after a glass or two of cabernet. She introduced me to dihydromyricetin (DHM), an extract from the Japanese Raisin Tree, which made her feel significantly better after a wine night. 

I was blown away by the impact a single flavonoid had on my next-day symptoms. While there is no true remedy for the morning after, a solo ingredient was the difference for me between 😊 and 🤢. Knowing all of my friends needed to try this product, the thought struck me:

What would be the best way to consume this ingredient?

I experimented with all products on the market, but each existing medium had its own problems. Liquids tasted awful, powders were messy, and pills looked suspicious at any venue outside the home. Upon further research into DHM and hours of ingredient translations from Korean to English, I could not find a single gummy that contained the miracle ingredient.

After months of intense and exhaustive R&D, LiQure was born and we were able to create the world’s first DHM-based gummy which was able to remedy the problems associated with other products in the alcohol aid space; it has a delicious fruity flavor, is easily portable, and looks like a snack (like yourself 😉) when at the bar.

What’s Next?

There is no greater blessing than spending time with your friends out on the town, until you wake up the next morning nauseously questioning all of your decisions from the previous night. 

As LiQure continues to enhance our product offerings and expand our presence across cities, campuses, and convenience stores, our goal remains unchanged: to make sure people have convenient & flavorful tools for maximizing their health and productivity the day after a night out. 

Thank you for taking a shot on us - let’s raise a glass, shall we? 🥂

~ Daniel Adix & Logan Kramer, Co-founders @ LiQure ~